Friday, 1 July 2011

Sam Eating On His Own!!

Hi All,

A beautiful afternoon with Stilnox Sammy today, and a huge first! Sam had earlier requested some cold apple, so I cut it up into pieces and gave him the bowl and you wouldn't believe it, he helped himself!! Normally we have to feed Sam as his hand function is quite limited, but today is just another day of proof that Stilnox really does help with rehabilitation.

Love, Sal x

Note- when Sam is not on Stilnox he is on a pureed diet as he does not have the ability to chew or swallow whole foods... So eating an apple after Stilnox = amazing!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today Show Update

Wow what an amazing experience being able to go into the Channel 9 Mt Cootha Studios and chat with Karl and Lisa via video link! We feel so blessed to be able to get out story out there- so many people are still emailing us with their incredible stories and it feels so good to know there is a little community out there of people just like us!

To Lisa, Karl, Eleni, Jaz, Ben & Ben at The Today Show - thank you thank you thank you! What amazing people you are!

The Today Show with Karl & Lisa

I have been blessed enough to be asked by The Today Show to share our story with Karl & Lisa! You can watch me at 8:09am AEST Wednesday 29th June 2011 and I can assure you Sam will be doing the Today Show T!

Feeling super blessed and looking forward to hopefully helping someone out there by sharing our story xx

Thank you

We cannot begin to thank everyone enough for the out pouring of love and support since our story aired on Australian Story last night. Your heartfelt words touched us so much, and we are truly grateful to all of you for sharing your stories and emotions with us.
I would love to respond to each and every one of you individually to express my sincere gratitude, but sadly it is just not possible due to the sheer volume of calls, messages, texts, emails, facebook, Twitter and forum posts.
At the request of many, you will now be able to touch base with us here, as well as follow Sams progress well into the future.
We hope it sheds some light onto the plight of many in similar circumstances, who are fighting for the right of their loved ones to recover.
Thank you all once again, we feel so incredibly privileged to have the support of such amazing people.
Many blessings,
Sally (and Sam) xx